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We all know the thrill of a fishing adventure. The wind in our hair, the smell of salt mixed with pending excitement and Lake Pontchartrain — a wonderful piece of nature with brackish waters that offers an amazing fishing experience. Let's explore the world of Lake Pontchartrain charter fishing and find a charter that will make any novice fisherman, experienced angler or adolescent with a fishing pole drool with anticipation.

Lake Pontchartrain, located in southeastern Louisiana, offers a rich fishing environment, making it an ideal destination for fishing enthusiasts. One may choose a Lake Pontchartrain fishing charter for several reasons, which are explained below in greater detail.

Why Choose Lake Pontchartrain Charter Fishing?

Diverse Species of Fish

Lake Pontchartrain is home to an assorted range of fish species. From freshwater to saltwater species, you can find catfish, drum, speckled trout and flounder, among many others. This biodiversity means that no matter the time of year, you will surely catch something interesting during your fishing trip.

Professional Guidance

Lake Pontchartrain fishing charters employ experienced captains who know the lake intricately. They can take you to the best spots for the specific species you hope to catch, increasing your chances of a successful fishing endeavor. This professional guidance eliminates guesswork and enhances your fishing experience.

High-Quality Equipment

You can be assured of top-tier fishing gear and equipment with Lake Pontchartrain fishing boats. Whether a novice or a seasoned angler, you'll have the right rods, reels and bait to ensure your fishing trip is productive and enjoyable.

Educational Experience

The knowledgeable crew can provide valuable insights and tips about fishing. This exchange of information is beneficial not just for beginner anglers but also for experienced fishers, as it adds to their pool of knowledge.

Safety Measures

Choosing a Lake Pontchartrain fishing charter also means security. The charters are equipped with safety equipment and radios in case of emergencies. The experienced crew is trained to handle different scenarios on the water, ensuring a safe and secure trip.

Ideal for Group Excursions

Fishing charters in Lake Pontchartrain are perfect for group tours. Whether it's a family getaway, a corporate outing or an adventure with friends, fishing charters here offer an experience everyone can enjoy.

Economic Choice

Opting for a Lake Pontchartrain fishing charter is more economical than owning, operating and maintaining a private boat. All costs, such as fuel, bait and tackle, are usually included in the charter's price, which is a much more affordable option overall.

What Are the Fishing Opportunities That Cater to All Experience Levels?

1. Beginner-Friendly Fishing Opportunities

For those new to fishing, introductory classes and courses are usually available. Beginners can learn the basics of fishing, such as setting up a rod, baiting a hook, casting a line and handling caught fish. These courses provide a safe and guided environment where beginners can learn and practice new skills.

2. Intermediate Fishing Charter Adventures

Once familiar with the basics, charter fishing in Lake Pontchartrain offers opportunities for those with intermediate experience. Charters often offer expeditions to waters home to various species, providing a somewhat challenging but fulfilling fishing experience. Anglers can also receive guidance to build on their existing skills, such as mastering specific fishing methods or targeting certain fish species.

3. Advanced Angling Excursions

For experienced anglers, Lake Pontchartrain charters offer fishing trips to deep-sea locations or difficult terrains that house larger, harder-to-catch fishes. They also allow for specialized fishing such as fly fishing, ice fishing, or gigging.

4. Family Friendly Fishing Opportunities

Lake Pontchartrain charters cater well to family fishing trips, with services tailored to accommodate all age groups and experience levels. From child-friendly operations to ensuring safety measures for older people, they provide a family-oriented environment.

5. Inclusive Fishing Accessibility

There are opportunities for people with disabilities as well, as many charters make a point of being inclusive. They provide required support and modifications to ensure everyone can enjoy the fishing experience.

6. Competitive Angling

Fishing competitions are also held on Lake Pontchartrain for those looking to test their skills against others. They offer a great opportunity to learn from other experienced anglers, enhance your techniques and achieve recognition for your skills.

What Variety of Fish Species Can You Catch in the Lake Pontchartrain Area?

  • Speckled Trout. Also known as spotted seatrout, speckled trout thrive in the lake's brackish waters, especially near seagrass beds.
  • Red Drum. Often referred to as redfish, these species are prized for their size and fighting nature.
  • Black Drum. Lake Pontchartrain has an abundance of these bottom-dwelling fish, known for their distinctive barbels or "whiskers."
  • Channel Catfish. These popular freshwater species can be caught in good sizes in the lake, especially where the freshwater from rivers and bayous meets the saltier lake water.
  • Flounder. Known for their peculiar shape and exciting fights, the three flounder species found in Lake Pontchartrain (Gulf, Southern and Summer) make a prized catch for any angler.
  • Blue Crab. Although not a fish, the blue crab is worth mentioning due to its popularity among the catch in Lake Pontchartrain. They make a delicious meal and are especially abundant in the lake's shallow waters.
  • Sheepshead. These fish, recognizable by their human-like teeth, are potentially great catches in the cooler months.
  • Largemouth Bass. More dominant in the freshwater parts of the lake, largemouth bass are a classic sports fish due to their well-known fight and are enjoyed by many anglers.
  • Gizzard Shad. Despite being usually used as bait, bigger sizes of Gizzard Shad can be an exciting catch.
  • Atlantic Croaker. Named for their unique croaking sound, these fish species are a common sight in Lake Pontchartrain.

Do I Need a Fishing License to Fish in Lake Pontchartrain?

Yes, a fishing license is required to fish in Lake Pontchartrain. Anglers who fish in Louisiana waters are mandated by law to have a Louisiana fishing license. This includes residents and non-residents. 

Different types of licenses are available based on the duration and specific activity, such as saltwater or freshwater fishing. Licenses can be obtained easily online or at any Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries office. By obtaining a license, you adhere to local regulations and contribute to conservation efforts in the area. Funds from the sale of fishing licenses go towards maintaining and preserving Louisiana's fish and wildlife resources. The license permits the holder the joy and thrill of fishing while also ensuring the sustainability of this sport for future generations.

A three-day charter pass is an excellent option for those who are visiting and want to try fishing in the beautiful waters of Lake Pontchartrain without committing to a long-term license. The pass is valid for three consecutive days and can be also obtained online.

Remember: Enjoying fishing means respecting the laws and the environment. A license is more than just a legal requirement – it is a commitment to protecting the natural resources we so greatly enjoy!

Dive Into the Ultimate Fishing Adventure With a Lake Pontchartrain Charter!

Lake Pontchartrain and the nearby Lake Borgne and the Biloxi Marsh offer fishing adventures worthy of your time and energy. Despite the colder weather or weather cancellations, the experience outdoes the challenges.

So why wait? Grab the chance to become the avid fisherman you've always wanted to be. Whether it's summer, fall or the colder seasons, the time to go fishing is now. With a Lake Pontchartrain fishing charter, you're set for a day filled with the thrill of the chase, the satisfaction of the catch and memories that will keep you coming back for more.

Ready for your fishing adventure? Check us out at Louisiana Charter Fishing Association and find your captain! It's time to make even the crab fishermen jealous! Unhook a new experience, and get ready to catch a box of fish.




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