Asian Flair Fish - Black Drum

Chef Jay Ducote developed this Asian Flair Fish recipe with fresh-caught Black Drum, straight from the waters of Louisiana.

Chef Jay Ducote

Bait Shrimp Ceviche

Chef Jay Ducote shares his take on the tradition and culture of food in Louisiana while whipping up fresh Bait Shrimp Ceviche.

Chef Jay Ducote

Slap Ya Mama Fried Fish & Hushpuppies

Chef Jay Ducote fries up speckled trout and hush puppies using Slap Ya Mama Fish Fry.

Chef Jay Ducote

Cajun Butter Braised Redfish

Chef Jay Ducote prepares our freshly-caught Louisiana Redfish for the grill to make a delicious Cajun butter braised dinner.

Chef Jay Ducote

Captain Nick's Chargrilled Blue Crabs

Captain Nick masterfully chargrills authentic Louisiana blue crabs for a mouthwatering dish that embodies the flavors of the Gulf Coast.

Captain Nick