Why Charter?

There simply is no better way to enjoy Louisiana's vast fishing opportunities than with a licensed, professional charter captain. Our captains are the best in the world at creating an outdoor adventure that you will never forget. And nothing could be easier. Just show up, step in the boat and leave the rest to us!

Here's a typical charter fishing adventure.

You go online at LouisianaCharterFishing.com where you can view the profiles and locations of our world class charter captains. It won't take long until you feel like you know them as you read about their experiences, hear stories of incredible days on the water and learn more about the areas of Louisiana that they call home. Depending on the captain and facilities, your captain may even provide accommodations and some amazing Louisiana cooking. A phone call or an email is all it takes to start the conversation to determine the best dates and times for your trip.

Don’t forget to buy your Louisiana charter fishing license LDWF (louisianaoutdoors.com). For most clients, we recommend the 3-day charter pass as the best option to get you on the water legally. This 3-day charter pass costs $10 for freshwater and $20 for saltwater, both less than half the price of their year-long recreational fishing license counterparts.

Most days start at dawn although captains can recommend departure times that fit your exact need. Most charters include everything you need including bait, tackle and food and drinks for the day but check with the captain to make sure. Your captain will also advise you on other things to have like a jacket or sunscreen. Mostly it's your job just to relax and get ready for a great day catching fish.

While the day is all about catching fish, even the ride to the fishing spots can be amazing. Louisiana has so many beautiful settings and scenes that you may see everything from bald eagles to diving gulls to bottlenose dolphins leaping out of the water - you just never know!

Once at your destination, you can rely on your captain to hand you a rod, already rigged for fishing, with directions on the best spots to cast to and the techniques that are producing fish. And when the fish bite, just get it to the boat and your captain will be ready to land it and take it off the hook. What could be better?

When the day is done, find yourself a shady place to relax while your captain cleans and packs the day's catch for you to enjoy. Now that's fishing!

Ready to learn more, find a captain now.