Dorado (Dolphin Fish)  


Dorado - or dolphin, as they are commonly called in Louisiana - are brilliantly-colored fish with a 55-66 dorsal fin rays, extending almost the whole length of their back. Their backs and upper bodies range from bright emerald green to a blue, while their sides and underbelly are yellow. Males have a blunt, vertical forehead.


Dorado prefer open blue ocean where water temperatures are above 68ºF. Gravitate towards floating objects like seaweed.

Fishing Tips

Summer is the best time for dorado in Louisiana. Smaller females are easier to locate as they’re commonly found around floating objects and seaweed patches. Larger males are found in open water, often travelling between schools of female fish. Chum the waters if you’re having trouble finding them, and troll with skirted or feathered lures.