Goliath Grouper  


Capable of growing to eight feet in length and weigh as much as 800 pounds. Adults range in color from brown to green to olive, and are covered in small spots on the fins, body, and head. Body shape resembles an extremely large bass.


One of the few groupers that can be found in brackish waters. Prefers shallow waters (no more than 150 feet), preferring structures like reefs, oyster bars, and rocks.

State Record

No official record. Harvest or possession is prohibited.

Fishing Tips

Goliath groupers are powerful fish, so you will need heavy duty gear to catch them. If you want a chance for a big grouper, you’ll need a reel capable of at least 90 lb of drag and 400 pound line at the very least. Even for smaller goliath groupers, monofilament line over 100 pounds is recommended. Note: be sure to release goliath groupers unharmed as it is illegal to take them from the water due to their critically endangered status. Handle with care.