Yellowfin Tuna  


Yellowfin tunas are torpedo-shaped fish with dark blue coloring on the upper and back sides, shifting from yellow to silver on the belly. Their dorsal, anal, and finlets are bright yellow. The belly tends to have near 20 vertical broken lines, something no other tuna species have.


Found offshore in deeper waters. Seasonally found around “lumps” in the northern Gulf of Mexico. These lumps can be described as an underwater mountain range, of sorts.

State Record

251 pounds, Elliot Sale, 2012

Fishing Tips

Find the lumps and you’ll find the yellowfin tuna. Specifically, Midnight Lump – situated about 5 miles north of the Mississippi Canyon, 18 miles south of the Mississippi River – is a popular hotspot that consistently produces big yellowfin. Winter is the best time to catch tuna here.