Day one with Steve And Ben Smith.  My guys wanted trout so we decided to sleep in and go out in the afternoon once the winds calmed down.  We arrived to calm seas and clean water for a first!  It didn't take long and the trout were flying over the gunnels 1-2 at a time with our doubled rigged Matrix Shad.  The bite came in spurts but we had mostly 18-20 inch trout hitting the deck of the Bluewave one after another.  The action was sick at times!!  Was so nice to spank the LAWGS and not have a bunch of boats all around messing up the bite.  My crew mentioned they had never caught so many big fish and limit before fishing all over the state of Louisiana.  A trip they will never forget.  Thanks guys. 
Big thanks to Capt K Labat for putting Robert Laville and crew on a limit of trout also.  Big thanks also to Capt E Rodrigue for putting Omar Madriz and crew from Texas on a limit of Reds and pup drum, they had a blast. 
Capt Marty LaCoste