Michael Tuite and Matt were back with me again, these guys love to catch fish!!  We found a good falling tide at our first stop but only two fish willing to bite. Moved around only picking at fish each stop.   Conditions were perfect as it was Slick calm. I made one more move and we hit the mother load of trout.  Cork, single rigged, double rigged it didn't matter.   We had a straight 30 minutes of catching every cast 360 degrees around the boat.  It was probably 60/40 keepers to throw backs. The guys had never experienced a bite like this before, and loved every second of it!!  Eight porpoises came right through the school and it was over. We moved around and got on one more steady bite, then the rest of the day we picked trying to finish off the limit.  Always a pleasure fishing with you guys, thanks again. 
Capt. Marty LaCoste