Day two with the Missouri guys and we were trying the deep holes once again.  Only two takers on crab, so back to the shallows we went.  Four hook ups in the first five minutes, so it was spoons and spinner baits the rest of the day!!  Plenty fish hooked and plenty fish spitting hooks back at us!  We kept a decent mess, but had double the amount SPIT the hook. 
Day three was almost a bust, as everywhere we went the reds eluded us.  We drifted miles and miles of bank to only catch 6 reds with one being a keeper.  The fish won on this day!!  Even though it was extremely tough, the guys got to see a ton of area and sights and enjoyed is called "fishing" not "catching"!!!   Thanks to Capt T for setting things up. 
Capt. Marty LaCoste