Day two today with our same crew was a trout day.  The guys switched boats from yesterday and we were off early.  We started out slow picking at a few fish, then the bite got hot and heavy for a while.  Slow, then fast bite on and off with tons of small fish mixed in.  We actually threw back more fish than we kept.  Steady action kept my crew busy and happy. We ended up putting a good box of fish together and the crew went home with full coolers of reds and trout.  Nothing better than happy customers.  Thanks Capt T Miller for lining up the trip. 
Big thanks to Capt K Labat for running Creig Fowler's group and Capt Josh Ellender for running David Groner's group. Everyone put a good box together and had a blast.  Thanks guys for showing these guys a great time and putting them on the fish. 
Capt Marty LaCoste