David Tankersley and crew were back with us today.  They enjoyed their night at the Reel Inn and were well rested this morning.  We departed at day break to find diving birds and shrimp running for their lives.   Double rigged Matrix Shad went to work finding plenty small fish all morning.  We quit fishing birds and focused the rest of the day on reefs and points fishing the 
http://matrixshad.com/shop/shrimp-creole-tko-shrimp/ under a cork.   No limits today but we put a good mess of keepers in the box and released countless undersized trout.  We ended the day soaking crabs, and the guys loved battling the bulls and pup drum. 
Big thanks to Capt T Lovell for running the second boat with this crew and Capt CV Venable for taking care of Cleve Roy's crew.  Everyone had a great time. 
Capt Marty LaCoste