Warren Green and his sons came down from Monroe to fish. We found a slower bite than the last few days. We drifted an area I've been doing good at, only to find 15 keepers.  The hunt was on.  We drifted over several reefs I haven't fished yet finding another 9 trout, a red and a bay snapper.  On the move fishing points adding another 5-6 keepers per stop. Our last stop was another reef in a protected area.  First cast produced a 17 inch fish!!   Then another.....and another!!  We had some real solid fish coming in and then Warren hooked a pig.  This fish was tearing up the water, you could see its mouth wide open, big fat and long body.  Four feet from the boat she spit the hook. I can only estimate this fish would have gone 5 pounds minimum maybe heavier, we were devastated!  We finished the day off soaking crabs for a lil while before calling it a day. 


Thanks to Capt Labat for taking out Brian Poeschel and wife from Florida.  They got on some trout and battled the bulls. 



Capt. Marty LaCoste