Tyler McDaniel and crew were back with me again. The guys got to experience the incredible ride of the big 26 Blue Wave Boats and were impressed big time, I am impressed also everyday with all the high wind and seas.  The 26 is a game changer, loving it.   Weather man had the forecast looking like a wind and wash out.  Told my guys to sleep in late and would decide in the morning if we could fish. Well when I woke up and looked at the radar and outside, I said Da$& we need to go!   We departed about 9am and pulled up to the first stop and Started slinging in beautiful 16-17 inch specks in on shrimp creole Matrix Shad under Four Horsemen Tackle corks.  When the bite slowed we made a move and found the fish stacked up and biting our green hornet Matrix tight lined.  We had a lull when the tide switched but got back on another bite before we headed in.  Another great trip with these guys, thanks.