MMR was with us today with four boats running. We discussed the conditions earlier in the week and the trip was a go. The crew arrived at the lodge Friday night and MMR's chef cooked up a great steak dinner for everyone. We woke up to 31 mph winds and loaded up the boats! The wind peaked at 35 mph with 40 mph gust, it was fun! We stayed protected in the marsh as good as we could and started throwing spinner baits with Green Hornet and Tiger colored Matrix Shad. We drifted a while with clean ice before finally breaking it!! All of our reds hit the spinner baits except one bruiser that ate a bait shrimp under a cork. We battled the winds till around 11:30 then headed to the camp for a incredible fried seafood lunch! Good times by all. I think everyone was amazed at the fish we brought back, considering the conditions. Big thanks to my good friend Chris Comeaux for setting up the trip.