I had Leland Willis and Leland Willis Jr from Florida with me.  We headed to the trout grounds armed with double rigged Matrix Shad.   The shrimp started skipping the surface with the Specks in hot pursuit.  It didn't take long as we were all slinging specks into the boat 1-2 at a time.   50-50 ratio of keepers to throw backs.  With 25 specks iced down I got a call from one of my team members Capt Rob. He was on a hot bite, so we decided to make a move since our bite was slower than I was looking for.  We arrived on location to find multiple flocks of birds diving.  We drifted through a flock and after the birds moved on, the bigger fish started to bite.  I locked in the Motorguide Xi5 and we all were slinging in fish 1-2 at a time again! 90% of all the Specks were keepers.  This bite lasted a good 30 plus minutes putting us up to over 50 fish.  We hit one more flock with the same thing happening, the birds left and we continued to drift with the school catching keepers. With 72 trout in the K2 and the bite slowing down, the guys were not worried about a few more fish.  We switched gears to soaking crabs and battling the bulls.    Plenty big nasty drum were fought and boated and one nice 29.5 inch red boated and saved for grilling.  It was a pleasure to fish with these guys and I look forward to their return. 
Capt Marty LaCoste