John Doucet and crew were back with me ready to fish!  These guys love catching redfish big time.  I haven't been catching many reds lately but I told him we could go look for some!  Our first two stops were for trout before the tide quit. We got on a OK bite at both stops before the tide quit and the trout quit to look for reds.  I ran to a bank i haven't fished in months, and jackpot!!    The reds were piled up, our first drift found 13 fish that hit the K2.  We made one more move and finished off our four man limit of reds.   We probably hooked 40 reds, several undersized, and a couple that broke off.  Incredible day and it couldn't of worked out better for my crew.   Green Hornet Matrix Shad tight lined on a 1/4 jig head accounted for every fish we caught.  Thanks for the continued business guys, always a pleasure fishing with you. 
Capt Marty LaCoste