Day two with the Reel Impact LLC and Blue Wave Boats crew will be a day never forgotten.  We started the morning off greeted by slick calm seas and no wind.  We had a few trout coming into the boat as the sun was just breaking the horizon. We found some really nice trout today over a reef in 3 ft of water.  The shrimp creole TKO shrimp, and shrimp creole Matrix Shad under a Four Horsemen Tackle cork produced all of our trout. Once the bite slowed my crew wanted to catch big fish. Two of them had not yet ever caught a bull red, well we changed that today.  Everyone was able to reel in a bull red and they caught a few “big nasty” drum.  After their arms were burning and tired, we went catch a few more trout before calling it a day.  I can’t thank Steven and Richard Parks enough for putting this all together and letting me be a part of it.  It’s truly a honor to be associated with the Bluewave family.  These 12 boys will remember this trip the rest of their lives. 

Big thanks to Capt’s Travis Miller, Lonnie Barr, Jared Broussard, and Elton Rodrigue for running the other four boats and to Chef’s Leonard Adkins and Zack Adkins for cooking all the delicious meals keeping everyone fed.  All this could not happen if it wasn’t for you guys.  Great job everyone.