We made a afternoon trip with a crew of four from Texas and La. The winds were blowing stuff out the West which is not good.  Our first location found stained but fishable water. We hooked only a few trout, so we moved.  We found better water and a better bite that only lasted 15 minutes.  Our next five stops not a bite as the fish seemed to be in lockjaw mode.   I decided to make a long run and change zip codes for the rest of the evening.  We tucked away in a protected area and started picking away at the Specks.  Corks seemed to work best here with several coming tight lined slowly on Matrix Shad Ultraviolet.  We fished till after the sun went down and rolled into the dock as it got dark.  Good times once again with this crew, thanks for the repeat business guys. 



Capt. Marty LaCoste