I helped out Capt T again today.  With the winds blowing 25 mph we decided to stay protected and catch reds.  We started out throwing bait shrimp under the Four Horsemen Tackle corks not having any luck.  We switched to throwing gold spoons and it was on!!!  One red also hit a purple haze Vortex Shad. My crew ended up hooking into 23 reds getting 17 into the boat.  Great time watching the Reds in the clear water.  Thanks T for setting it up. 

Big thanks to Capt Lonnie Barr for taking care of Brian and David, Capt Elton Rodrigue for taking care of Francis Mayer, Capt Shawn p and Capt Kevin Labat for taking care of Cody Lenert’s crew.   Everyone had a blast.