When your given Lemons, you make Lemonade.  When your given crappy fishing conditions, you do everything possible to produce…and thats what we did!!!  Day 1 with new customers Rolando Cantu, Chubby Cantu, Charlie Cantu, and Jimmy Puents from Texas found us fishing post front with 20 plus mph winds.  Our day started off slow, as nothing wanted to bite. We moved and moved grinding all morning, then hit the mother load!!  My guys had fish coming in everycast!  Red, green, silver, black it didn’t matter, fish were flying over the gunnels of the big 26 Blue Wave Boats one after another.  The belly of the beast was full and we took it to the dock.  Great time with these guys, as it was non stop laughs all day!!

Big thanks to Capt “Hook” for taking care of my high school friend Kelly Cummings and her crew, they also had a magnificent day.