Day one with Elliott Electric Supply was a trout day.  High winds and rough seas made for tough fishing conditions. We just can't get a break from the wind more than one day.  We got off to a good start early in the morning sort of like yesterday, but the bite just didn't last long. The wind machine continually cranked up making it too rough to fish.  Double rigged Matrix Shad with the Avocado color being our best producer.  We headed North to try and find some redfish. We hooked a beast in a foot of water which made for some excitement. After going under the motor and under the boat, the line rubbed up against the side of the boat and broke off.   We were very disappointed.  By this time all the boats were headed in, so we packed up.  After cleaning all the fish I fried some up fresh for the customers on the dock.  Talk about good!!   Thanks guys. 

Big thanks to Capt A Lacour, Capt K Labat, and Capt C Venable for running the other three boats. Everyone had a good time.