David Lofton and Ryan Jennings and kids were back down with us from Texas.  After a killer day yesterday we had high hopes of another good catch today.  After a great night at the lodge we headed out at sunrise. We made the short run close to the camp again and got in a protected bayou.  The Green Hornet Matrix were all put into action and a nice speck was bathing in the cold K2 in no time.  The trout bite started off a lil quicker than yesterday but came to a halt after the first hour.  Good thing the bass today were stacked up even thicker than yesterday, which is amazing since we limited yesterday on bass!!  The bass ate up our Green Hornet like it was going out of style!   With right at 40 bass chilling and some trout, a red, even a perch, we left to soak some shrimp so Emma could catch a sheep head!!   Her brothers wanted her to see what they looked like. LOL. Capt T was on a good bite of heads so we made a move over to him over a reef close by.   The bite had slowed down but not before we put two on ice and Emma caught one.   Great time with everyone and they went home with 230 fillets.  Many memories made, thanks again. 
Thanks Capt T Miller for running the second boat with Davids family, everyone had a great time as usual. 
Capt Marty LaCoste