Jim Eubanks and his son Ford from North Carolina joined me today.  With post front conditions, cold, 20 mph winds, a 12 degree drop in water temp, and a .10 tide range....the odds were stacked against us!!!  None the less we headed out. I decided to stay close and find a protected area behind the camps with clean water.  We picked up two trout pretty quick which both hit very aggressive. We drifted very slow and picked slowly away at trout.  The bite wasn't fast at all, but patience was key.  Every time I thought about moving we would catch a few more fish.  All of a sudden a big school of bass show up on a point and we put 8 in the box real quick.  We drift about 200 yards further down the bayou and again while picking away at trout hit another big pocket of bass adding another 8.  So back and forth we went steady catching.  As the water warmed up about 2 degrees and the tide started to barely fall, the trout started biting even better.   Needless to say we had a great time and ended up with a incredible catch on a day all of the odds were stacked against us!!  Every single fish caught on Green Hornet Matrix Shad, no need to waste money buying all those other gimmick lures.   It was Jim and Ford's first time fishing in Louisiana and I'm pretty sure it won't be their last!!
Capt. Marty LaCoste