We suited up for the cold ride to the trout grounds and waited for light to depart!  Upon deploying the Motorguide Xi5 I noticed the water looked clean despite the strong North wind. We moved around in the 6 ft depths and shortly all three of us hooked up at the same time!!  We all had big smiles and thought the switch was on!  Well, we picked away to about 15 fish.   We made several moves trout Fishing and soaking shrimp with not much luck. With 21 trout and a red in the K2, we decided to circle back to where we had caught the most fish.   Well the plan paid off, as the trout turned on!  We had the big yellow mouths jumping into the Bluewave one after another.  The specks ate up our Green Hornet Matrix Shad slowly tight-lined.  Despite the wind and the cold, we prevailed.   Thanks guys for another great day.  
Capt Marty LaCoste