A tad breezy as we headed east into the sunrise over the Delacroix marsh this morning. We headed to the edge of the marsh and the bay to try to find some nice speckled trout. We set up to work a point where the rising tide was sweeping across and into a deep bayou. The trout were in there thick and feeding, unfortunately they were in the 12 - 12.5" class with the occasional 13". We must have caught a hundred to keep 15. The fish wanted live shrimp 3' under corks, carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. The winds layed down a little and we decided to poke outside to see if the rigs would produce. We worked a couple of rigs and a submerged reef only to find Mississippi River water all over and nothing but catfish. Headed back into the marsh to keep working spots. Stopped at a point in a lake where a deep bayou enters and set up to work the water moving around the point. Found some redfish interested in feeding and they were the perfect eating size 16-18". These fish wanted live shrimp under corks and carolina rigged. This action heated up until a 4 foot shark moved in and crashed the party. My guest hooked up, I thought it was a big bull red, but it kept breaking the surface and thrashing about up top. My guest worked the fish to perfection and soon pulled the shark to the boat for a careful release. The tide slowed to a stop and without moving water fishing gets really tough, so we decided to head back to the dock. Will be back after them tomorrow. Good luck out there! 

Captain Jeff