Got after them early this morning. The winds moved more from the South and picked up to about 15 knots. The winds and waves made it a little slow going as we needed to cross a couple of bays to get to the 1st spot of the day. Slow and steady we crossed as I did not want to beat up my guests in the increasing seas. Finally made it to find the chosen spot perfect for the wind and tidal conditions. The rising tide was moving along the edge of the marsh and running around a point and draining into a deep bayou.  We set up with the wind at our back and were able to cast into the deeper water for trout and work the edge and point for redfish. Both trout and redfish were feeding at this spot. The redfish were in the 17-25" class and were crushing live shrimp 3' under corks and carolina rigged. The trout were in the 12-13" class and we had to wade through alot of throwbacks to get some to find there way into the ice chest. The action was pretty steady and some guests switched over to plastic cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads and kept right on catching. The wind picked up more and as the tide slowed, it moved the boat position and changed out bait presentation and the bite slowed. We decided to get get out of the rough water and head back to the safety of the marsh. We hit a protected cove and found that the tide was still running good and set up on a point and caught  a few more reds. We hit one more spot where a deep bayou drains into a shallow lake, the tide was still running and we started catching 12.5 - 13" trout and put a few more into the box. We ran out of live bait and decided to call it a day. Good catching in the Delacroix marsh today! We will be back at it again soon. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff