Bill Van Roekel from Missouri got to enjoy a Dularge Trout slam, then reel in a few bronze backs.  The trout are finally starting to show up in better numbers.  Our first stop found birds and shrimp running for their lives.   It was fish on until a $&@&$ driving a oyster boat drove directly through the 200 plus birds diving.  We moved on and found another school and once again had them coming into the boat every-cast.  Our third move and same thing!  Catching every cast and a crabber motors right through the birds and shuts us down. Got to love it.  One more stop and fish on again!!  We threw double rigged Matrix Shad in any color, it didn't matter.  9:30 we moved to the redfish honey hole to find a slow falling tide.  Bill hooked one nice red and nothing else wanted to bite.  We made a few more moves fishing crabs with no luck except a big nasty drum.   We hit the shallows with spoons with no luck, then back to check the honey hole one more time.  This time we had six quick hook ups back to back, then we took it to the dock.  Great day and fishing with Bill, and I look forward to his return. 
Capt. Marty LaCoste