Joey Amorello with Bell and McCoy were back with us today.  The guys boiled crawfish and Joey grilled some crabs on the barbecue pit.  Talk about incredible!!   We had a blast hanging out and some stayed up late!   We got a early start as conditions looked to be in our favor.  Well the birds were diving early but no fish under them.  We wasted no time and took off to another location finding more birds and fish.  Double rigs and Matrix under a cork both had fish coming into the boat.  We also hooked a couple big reds, a puppy drum and a Bay Snapper before the bite died.  It was stick and move the rest of the day fishing reefs, points, bayous, and deep in the marsh.  We only added another five fish the rest of the day.   Seems the pattern all week has been a quick bit the first couple hours then the rest of the day has been slow. We need the tide to switch up and start falling in the morning instead of bottoming out.  Good luck fishing.  Thanks Joey for the continued business. 


Big thanks to Capt T Miller for running the second boat, everyone had a great time as usual. 



Capt Marty LaCoste