Danny Lirrette and crew were back with me this morning.   We had shrimp skipping the water around us this morning, but the bite was slow.  With right under a dozen keeper specks and one nice red icing down, I decided to move.  It was the right decision, as we drove up on shrimp and trout exploding the surface over a 100 yards.   It was fish on immediately!!   We got on a hot bite of keeper fish coming over the gunnels of the Bluewave.   Within 20-30 minutes it was all over. We made a few more moves picking away at the fish while the winds steadily increased.  The shrimp Creole shrimp still remains the hottest bait under a cork.  http://matrixshad.com/shop/shrimp-creole-tko-shrimp/
Big thanks to Capt's T Miller and K Labat for running the other two boats with Caillou Island Towing. All customers had a blast. 
Capt Marty LaCoste