Jeremy Jinks and family fished with me. We knew it was going to be tough in the adverse conditions (rain and wind), but it was their only opportunity to fish before heading back to Texas. I went straight to where we crushed the fish the previous days, but we found a incoming tide, no shrimp jumping, no birds diving, and only a couple fish.  So the hunt began!  Stick and move type day. We found one location where we found some trout and bass willing to bite.  Once this bite played out it was stick and move again. We ended the day catching some bulls. Lil 6 yr old Jackson ended up catching his first trout and red all by himself, and he had a blast fighting a big bull.  Memories made with the lil guy and a gallon bag of fillets for the frying pan.   Thanks Capt Anthony for setting up the trip. 
Capt Marty LaCoste