We wrapped up our third day with Brent Wilson from Michigan. With the calmest winds forecasted today, we went straight for trout.  We found a slow falling tide and started to catch fish from the second cast.  They were a bit finicky and we had a bunch of short strikes.  We picked away all morning putting some really nice fish into the K2. Big trout went 22 inches and 3.86 pounds.  Several bass and fresh water catfish were caught also.   Three rat reds thrown back. Every fish except four were caught tight lining the Green Hornet Matrix Shad.  We finished off the day trying to get Brent a bull red but the bull drum are so thick we caught them every cast.  Multiple double hook ups. Every crab we dropped hooked a drum.  Incredible three days with Brent and I do believe he is hooked on South Louisiana fishing!!   Thanks for three great days. 
Capt Marty LaCoste