Got a late start this morning, it was a zoo at the live bait store. Finally got a bait well full of beautiful live shrimp and we headed out to find some speckled trout and redfish. The first spot on my list was already occupied by another boat by the time we arrived, so immediately we were off to plan B. The next spot was a deep bayou that opens up into a small and shallow lagoon. We set up and let the falling tide carry our baits up and into the shallow water of the lagoon. Nice speckled trout and redfish were there and hungry. The trout were in the 15-18" class want wanted live shrimp carolina rigged and artificial beetles on 3/8 ounce jig heads. The reds were in the 24-32" class and were released to fight another day. The gnats were bad as we placed the boat a little too close to the grass along the bank. They chewed up our hands until the wind picked up , but by that time the tide had slowed to a trickle and the fish bite did too. We hit a couple of other places without success as we waited for the tidal change without much luck. Once the tide started rising, we set up in a deep canal that crosses a small lake. We got into the trout again as they were eating up the bait as it washed up and into the lake. We tried corks, but the fish were glued to the bottom and wanted the baits lower in the water column. We stayed on this bite until we ran out of live bait and decided to take it to the house with a nice box of fish. Will be back at it again in the morning. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff